While other companies talk about how they're going to impact our industry, we actually are.

About Doors Open

Doors Open Media is a software company headquartered in Montreal that offers a suite of solutions for live music professionals, music festivals and live event spaces. Our mission is to create web-based management solutions designed to maximize efficiencies in the live event industry.

Who are we anyway? We are a team of professionals with extensive knowledge of the live music industry and development of Enterprise Resource Planning applications. This dynamic combination of technical expertise combined with 20+ years of experience in the production, management and promotion of live events, makes our company the most well-rounded to provide tangible results to our business clients.

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Doors Open Media

Sitvarius, S.A (Europe)

505 Place Saint-Henri #204
Montreal, Qc. H4C 2S1
Rua de Pedrouços 111, Bloco A, Fracção 3, 1400-288
Lisboa, Portugal